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Professional Organizer



As a parent and social entrepreneur, I fully understand the demands of hectic schedules and complex lifestyles that keep us running and wishing for more time.


Propelled by a sincere desire to help others restore balance in their home and family life, I founded A New Leaf Home Solutions, a professional organizing and move management boutique with affordability in mind.


By removing items from your to-do-list, eliminating clutter, and putting into place concrete strategies that realistically work within your home and lifestyle habits - our experienced professionals will reduce stress and free up valuable time for you and your family.


  • Our Credentials … Stellar!

  • Our Team & Services … Superb!

  • Our Customers … Overjoyed!


“Jaime is extremely professional, managing and completing projects with a unique blend of efficiency and warmth. Within minutes of her walking through my door, I knew the impossible, which had been haunting me for over a year, would be conquered - and it was, that very day!”


         ~ Katherine H.


At A New Leaf Home Solutions we pride ourselves on our integrity, confidentiality, and flawless results!

Jaime Selvin

Jaime Selvin, Owner



                               Serving clients in

Chicago, Illinois

Charleston, South Carolina 


The Greater Baltimore & Washington DC Metro Areas


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